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BC Hot House does not employ any use of GMO agriculture.

Q. Are your products grown with or in genetically modified organism (GMO) materials?

A. BC Hot House does not employ any use of GMO agriculture.

Q. Are your products organically grown?

A. Greenhouse cultivation by hydroponics achieves each of the objectives for “organic” growing defined in Organic production systems – General principles and management standards without using soil, manure or compost. As a result, more than 10 times the amount of vegetables can be grown in a greenhouse than in an equivalent area of land.

Q. Do you use herbicides?

A. Never. Our products are grown hydroponically in natural, biodegradable wood chips, coco peat or rockwool, which is made from recycled materials. Weeds need soil to grow; no weeds mean there is no need for herbicides.

Q. Do you use pesticides?

A. Rarely. All our growers follow an integrated pest management program that relies primarily on biological controls such as ladybugs and wasps to control plant-damaging insects. Our greenhouse environment also protects vegetable plants from many pests that attack outdoor crops. Chemical spraying is used only necessary. When a pesticide is used, its application is strictly monitored and controlled to ensure safe, proper usage following both PMCA (Canada) and EPA (US) regulatory standards. After a specified pre-harvest period has elapsed, an independent laboratory tests produce for trace pesticide residues to concentrations as low as a part per billion. We also conduct random sampling to verify compliance of proper pesticide reporting and usage from all our growers. BC Hothouse never markets any produce that may contain pesticide residues.

Q. What is your policy on food safety?

A. All BC Hot House growers are audited annually by accredited 3rd party organizations for Canadian or global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our packinghouses and distribution facilities perform a similar audit for Good Manufacturing Practices. For more information, see our food safety page.

Q. Why do you pack some of your products in plastic clamshells or bags?

A. We use clamshells to help preserve the just picked, fresh flavour and appearance for customers. The clamshell helps protect the product, extends shelf life, and improves food safety. All clamshells and bags are recyclable.

Q. Why do you need to partner with growers in the U.S. and Mexico?

A. Growing produce in BC during the winter is costly, since artificial heat and light must be used to overcome cold local temperatures and minimal sun. During this time, we partner with producers in U.S. and Mexico to grow product that meets our exacting standards and mirrors what we produce locally during our growing season. We work closely with our southern partners to make sure best practices in growing and food safety are rigorously followed.


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