Are your products grown with or in genetically modified organism (GMO) materials?

BC Hot House does not employ any use of GMO agriculture.

Are your products organically grown?

By definition from the Organix Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards, the scope of organic farming is to “employ management practices that seek to surture ecosystems in order to achieve sustainable productivity; and that provide week, pest and disease control through a diverse mix of mutually dependent life forms, recycling of plant and animal residues, crop selection and rotation, water management, tillage and cultivation”. Greenhouse cultivation by hydroponics accomplishes all the same primary organic objectives for conservation and sustainability, but without using soil, manure or compost. In fact more than 10 times the amount of vegetables can be grown in a greenhouse than the equivalent amount of land.

Do you use herbicides?

BC Hot House does not use herbicides to grow our delicious and beautiful products. The products are grown hydroponically in natural, biodegradable wood chips, coco peat or rockwool, which is made from recycled materials. Weeds need soil to grow so we naturally do away with weeds. No weeds means there is no need for herbicides.

Do you use pesticides?

While BC Hot House growers strive towards the complete elimination of pesticide use through the use of biological controls, there are rare occasions when pesticides are used. We have been able to significantly reduce the use of pesticides through the introduction of biological pest controls such as ladybugs and wasps. These ‘good bugs’ are used to eliminate plant damaging ‘bad bugs’. Any application of a pesticide must meet and follow all Canadian PMRA and U.S. EPA regulations. Our Quality Assurance team administers a sampling program through an accredited 3rd party laboratory to ensure that our produce is always completely free of trace pesticide residues.

What is your policy on food safety?

All BC Hot House growers are audited on a yearly basis by accredited 3rd party organizations for Good Agricultural Practices. Our packinghouses and distribution facilities perform a similar audit for Good Manufacturing Practices. At BC Hot House Foods Inc. we take care in producing safe, wholesome vegetables.

Why do you pack some of your products in plastic clamshells or bags?

We use clamshells to help preserve the just picked, fresh flavor and appearance for customers. The clamshell helps protect the product, for example by keeping tomatoes attached to their vine. This extends the shelf life of the product while also providing a level of food safety. These plastic clamshells and bags are recyclable too.

Why are there occasionally products from Mexico in the grocery store?

In the winter months it is extremely difficult to grow produce due to the lack of light needed for photosynthesis. Additionally, colder growing conditions mean high heating expenses which drastically increase the cost of the product to the consumer.

During this time, BC Hot House Foods Inc. aligns itself with a few high quality greenhouse growers in Mexico. Our growers and staff work closely alongside our Mexican producers to share information regarding cultivation practices and all imported produce must meet or exceed BC Hot House Foods Inc. quality and food safety standards.