Ravi Cheema is the grower/owner of Creekside Hothouse Ltd. in Surrey, B.C.

In addition to being a director at B.C. Hot House, he is vice-chair of the B.C. Greenhouse Growers Association and a director on the board of the B.C. Young Farmers Association.

He is also a member of both the Canadian Young Farmers Forum and the Foreign Workers Program Council.

Most importantly, he is involved in the community. Creekside Hothouse donates a portion of its eggplant sales to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, since Ravinder has two close friends touched by the disease.

He is involved with both Kwantlen Polytechnic University and University of Fraser Valley with their agriculture programs.

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BC Agriculture in the Classroom Hires Abbotsford Teacher

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC) is pleased to welcome Gurinder Cheema to their team this fall. Cheema has been seconded from her classroom at Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle to act as the Education Specialist for BCAITC. A former Board member of BCAITC and an instructor for the Foundation’s Summer Institute course for teachers, Cheema also helps run Creekside hothouse in Surrey with her husband Ravi Cheema.

As a middle school classroom teacher, Gurinder has taught a variety of subjects during her 10 year teaching career, where she integrates concepts of healthy living and local food production and engages her students in debates around sustainable farming practices, the disappearing Agricultural Land Reserve, and environmental impacts of food miles.

“I’m extremely excited and thankful to have been given this opportunity to work with our staff more closely than when I was a Board Member,” said Gurinder. “I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to implement into our resources and programs, and then go on to share with districts around the province!”

Cheema’s work with BCAITC will include updating and creating teacher resources with a middle school focus, and helping out with the Pencil Patch – A Garden for Learning, a program that educates students on growing their own gardens. She will also be assisting with the Spuds in Tubs and Planting a Promise programs. With experience in the education sector and the agriculture industry, Cheema will be a great asset to the Foundation and its mission of bringing BC’s agriculture to students across the province.

The BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation is a nonprofit working with educators through various programs to bring BC’s agriculture to their students. For more about BCAITC please click here.