What is a hot house anyway? A hot house is a weatherman’s dream, complete climate control 24 hours a day. The greenhouse structures are aluminum and steel, covered in glass and designed to make sure the right things happen at the right time in the right order. Located next to each greenhouse is “a retention pond” that collects rainwater that is then fed back into the greenhouse to be used in the irrigation system.

BC Hot House produce is grown in the great indoors. Growers can monitor and alter carbon dioxide, natural sunlight, heat, ventilation, and plant nutrition on an consistent basis. This system ensures that plants get exactly what they need, when they need it, during each phase of the growing cycle. The greater difference between day and night temperatures means more productivity for the plants. Our goal is to provide our customers with a consistent, safe, and quality product at all times. We adhere to strict hygiene programs that meet the requirements of government safety agencies.

The bumble bee is considered the master of pollination. We introduce bumble bees into the hot house environment to take full advantage of their efficiency in pollinating plants. Uniform pollination helps to produce perfect produce. Bumble bees are hard workers… they fly by sight and don’t pollinate at night, which makes a bumble bee and a greenhouse the perfect match!

BC Hot House is a world leader in Integrated Pest Management technology, which is simply put; the use of predator bugs to manage plant damaging insects. Biological pest controls ensure a virtually pesticide free environment. For example, we use lady bugs for control, and believe us… she is no lady! She has a big appetite for eating pests that threaten our produce. We use a variety of other ‘good’ bugs like wasps, as natural pest control… the kind of pest control that Mother Nature intended.

We don’t grow in dirt, so we never have to use herbicides. We use natural bio-degradable rock wool or wood chips which conduct air and water to the roots. This is a form of sterilized sawdust or a wool-like material that is formed into small bricks. The magic to this process is that rock wool holds moisture, allows for air circulation, and supports roots but won’t make a home for weeds or other intruders.

Our highly specialized computer technology constantly monitors heat, light and humidity levels. The system always creates ideal growing conditions. A significant portion of the natural gas used to heat the greenhouse is used to generate carbon dioxide… which is fed back to the plants. This process utilizes the piping that runs along the base of the plants and has been commonly referred to as “turbo-charged” photosynthesis.

Plants benefit from plenty of good, clean water. Much of the water used for feeding the plants inside the greenhouse is from rain that is collected in the retention pond. This water is then fed back into the irrigation system inside the greenhouse. Each plant has its own drip irrigation tube to ensure the right nutrition arrives at the right time to the specific plant that needs it.

Inside the greenhouse, state-of-the-art technology monitors and controls plant needs along with the amount of natural sunlight each plant is getting at any time. Growers can alter carbon dioxide, heat, ventilation, and plant nutrition on a continuous basis. At any given time, a grower can access the computer system and be aware of any needs the plant may have at that very moment.

All BC Hot House produce is hand picked when the timing is perfect-which means the fruit has been given the opportunity to vine-ripen naturally. Careful hand picking helps prevent bruising.

Only the best get packed under the BC Hot House label. That’s why a dedicated quality assurance team audits all incoming produce from the greenhouses. The quality assurance inspectors monitor product and subject the produce to accelerated temperatures to determine the shelf life. Product is inspected to ensure it will meet or exceed grade standards. There are random samples taken on a consistent basis that are sent to third party labs for testing to verify that BC Hot House has met or exceeded all regulatory requirements.

After grading and packing the produce, the fruit is whisked away to the customer in a climate-controlled truck. From greenhouse to your house, you can count on BC Hot House produce to be Naturally Delicious.