BC Hot House Foods Inc. and our growers strive to ensure we have limited environmental impact. To make certain our responsibility to the environment, we have created and continue to monitor many programs at all of our facilities.

BC Hot House Foods Inc. practices integrated pest management which is the use of predator bugs to eliminate plant damaging insects. Biological pest controls ensure a virtually pesticide free environment. For example, we use lady bugs for control. Ladybugs pack a big appetite for eating pests that threaten our produce. We use a variety of other “good” bugs like wasps, as natural pest control, the kind of pest control that Mother Nature intended.

BC Hot House Foods Inc. does not grow in soil, so we never use herbicides. Our grower use natural biodegradable wood chips, coco peat or rockwool which is made from recycled materials and formed into small bricks. This process is magical because the bricks hold moisture, allow for air circulation and support roots by won’t make a home for weeds or other intruders.

Plants benefit from plenty of good, clean water. Many of our greenhouses collect rainwater in a retention pond which they use for feeding the plants inside the greenhouse. This water is filtered, sterilized and then fed into an irrigation system. Each plant has its own drip irrigation tube to ensure the right nutrition arrives at the right time to the specific plant that needs it.

BC Hot House Foods Inc. uses bleach free, recyclable corrugate cardboard boxes to ship our products. Clamshells and plastic bags can be recycled in most curb-side recycling programs.