For more than four decades, BC Hot House Foods Inc. has led the industry in perfecting the art of growing consistent, premium produce.

In 1973, a group of greenhouse growers in British Columbia decided to pool their resources and called themselves the Western Greenhouse Growers Cooperative Association, with a mandate to provide consumers with the best quality hot house produce they could provide.

Our products were an immediate success, which led to ongoing expansion. The association grew considerably over the years through new growers joining the co-op and existing growers expanding their greenhouses. In 1988, the Western Greenhouse Growers Cooperative Association merged with the Vancouver Island Greenhouse Growers Cooperative which created a consistent supply of fresh products that adhered to some of the highest quality standards in the produce industry.

In 1997, the association was incorporated as BC Hot House Foods Inc. The organization has remained 100% owned by local growers. As owners, our growers have a vested interest in ensuring that we maintain our position as a forerunner in all aspects of growing practices and technologies.

Today BC Hot House Foods Inc. is a leading North American company that offers a full line of greenhouse grown products across North America, and Mexico. While the company has changed over the past thirty years, the original mandate has remained the same – providing consumers with the very best quality hot house produce. The BC Hot House brand has become the preferred choice in the greenhouse industry.

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